Sunday, February 5, 2012

Oil colors and drying time - Part 2 - Solutions

About 10 or 15 years ago, I was shopping for some oil colors to replenish my supply when I noticed a color chart next to a rack of oil colors. Oh what a treat as the chart opened up to 16" by 23" printed on both sides with tons of information on the colors, light fastness, transparency, composition and Munsell color system number.  The company is Gamblin Artist's Colors and for the color chart, click HERE.  Just ask for the color chart. I learned something new about alkyd resin oil colors and how wonderfully they improve drying time, workability and flexibility of the dried paint.

Recently however, Gamblin came out with another product call FastMatte which dries to a matte finish very fast, depending on the thickness.  It was created as an under-painting for painters who like to work in layers.  That's me.  I also like the matte finish.

Of course I sent off to a supplier and ordered the complete set of eight colors.  With the limited pallet I mixed in my regular colors to obtain the colors I needed and in the evening put in the first layer.  By the next morning it was ready to go for another layer.  The matte finish gave a tooth to the base layer for good adhesion of the next layer.  Now this was exciting.

I wrote to Gamblin about the product and asked if they are making a medium to give existing Gamblin colors the same characteristics as FastMatte.  They returned my email promptly and said a similar effect could be produced using existing Gamblin products.  If you are interested, send me a note for the specifics.  Gamblin also mentioned that they will be expanding the list of FastMatte colors to 24 later this year.  I looked at the list and see that it will include my basic color pallet.  I am happy.

SUNRISE using FastMatte in layers.

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