Saturday, January 12, 2013

Inspirations - Richard Schmid

Around 2001, I bought a book called ALLA PRIMA - Everything I  Know About Painting by Richard Schmid.  I heard about this book from another artist.  Schmid tells about his life as an artist and the steps that he took from his early education and on to his own learning and experiences.  He has influenced my ideas and knowledge more than any other painter.

The book is costly but I consided it to be the tuition for a serious and practical course in painting from a master painter.  I found the book complete in what is necessary to make successful paintings.  He notes that painting requires repeated learning and practice.  It is easy to see the many hours in his life time dedicated to acquiring the skills of seeing in great detail and putting that observation accurately onto the paper or canvas.

The book contains 203 pages and 118 colored plates.  The plates (images) are extremely sharp and detailed opposed to images you may find on the web due to the low resolution of the web.

Since words do not illustrate his work I am listing some sources on the web for you to see.

This first one is his website Video #1 and if you look at all of the tabs on the left side you can learn much about him and his work. 

The second link is to a YouTube Video #2 which shows his labors on the Abbotsford House.

The third link is also a YouTube Video#3 which show a quick portrait study. 

Here is a Google list of Schmid's paintings however after page 5 they are intermixed with student works and attempts to copy his work.  Just click on the image it will enlarge slightly and the name of the painter will appear so no doubt will remain. 

There are many books by Schmid at Amazon but Alla Prima is the best for general information.  Maybe your library can put a copy on their shelves.  On his website he also has DVD demonstration lessons.  I have May  which is number 3 in the series.  At first viewing I was amazed at how rapidly with just a few strokes of the brush or painting knife he created a very realistic image.  He is truly a master.

I use many of his suggestions and ideas since buying the book.  I re-read particular sections that I want to review often.  I have placed markers on certain pages which are available for quick reference. 

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